Meet your business advisor:

Louise Turgeon,


Louise has been a SerialPreneur since 1982.

As a professional Business Advisor, she is here to help Entrepreneurs like you grow.

Is your business in survival mode, reduced activities or growth potential?

It is important to know, as a business owner, where we stand in order to be able to better react and restructure.

As a business advisor, I can support you and help you improve your performance in many aspects of your business: Leadership, Management, Operations, Marketing, Finance, Sales.

I know the challenges business owners face: Entrepreneur myself, I have been in business for more than 40 years. I had multiple businesses and managed large teams within the manufacturing, retail and wholesale industries. It was when I hired the best business advisor, Mark Wardell, I could find that things got easier.

I was able to keep my key personnel; My business value increased, it allowed me to sell the business above market value. I saw the benefits that the services of a business advisor brought to my enterprise, my sales went up by 20% and my profits went up by 40% in the first year, the fees paid by themselves.

My work as a volunteer

In addition to my services as a Business Advisor...

I enjoy being on the board of "La chambre de commerce francophone de Vancouver", the Vancouver French Chamber of Commerce (CCFV) as the treasurer where I contribute my diverse skill set to systemize, promote and grow.
I support this non-profit organization where we meet regularly and create events to reunite the francophone entrepreneurs, like:

Gala de la Palme Bleue: this prestigious Gala is to recognize the entrepreneurs for their effort, involvement and impact on the environment; This is happening on May 24, 2023

“Bonjour Business!”: The first francophone Entrepreneur fair: 40 entrepreneurs will promote their products or services to the general public; This is happening on November 9, 2022 at the Roundhouse in Yaletown

Monthly Events: Panels and conferences on diverse subjects like: Marketing, Branding, New Technologies, Business and Environment, Strategic Planning, Investments, Real Estate: It's happening every month