Need help to grow your business?

My name is Louise Turgeon,
I’m a Business Advisor and I’m here to help you 

Do you want to:

• Accelerate your growth?
• Attract more customers and potential employees?
• Increase the value of your business?
• Build a strong corporate culture and reduce turnover?
• Improve your positioning and image on the market?
• Get a better profile for investors, buyers or banks?
• Be remembered as an inspiring business?

A business advisor, like myself, can help you!

Is it for you?

  • Your company is established for 2 years minimum;
  • You have a minimum of 2 employees;
  • Your sales are over $400,000;
  • You don’t have a good relationship with your suppliers or your bank;
  • You have a big turnover in staff;
  • Your profit does not reflect your sales;
  • Your procedures are outdated;
  • You don’t know your market position;
  • You are overworked and you need a direction;
  • You don’t know where to start!

A Business Advisor like myself can help you!

I help entrepreneurs like you to systemize their business and realize their dreams

Build a solid foundation

We work together to create a corporate mission, vision and values and strategic objectives to obtain your goals.

Systemize your business

Documented systems for each aspect of your business: Management, operations, position outlines, marketing and sales.

Increase your value

Better profit margins, clear financials and forecasts, business manual with all the procedures in place for selling your business.

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Get immediate insight into your business through the Wardell International free online tool. Simply answer 30 short multiple-choice questions, which generally takes less than 10 minutes. This is free. You will then see your report online instantly, no strings attached!

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Trusted by Successful Entrepreneurs

Rigorous and clear in her presentation of the subjects and federative in the team, Louise becomes over the months a true partner of the company. The Mastermind program's structural approach is an effective support for thinking in view of the restructuring and organization of the company to make it more efficient. Thanks to these strategic reflections provided by Louise this year, I was able to best optimize the restructuring of our company in the current difficult economic situation.
Veronique Gravier-Mercier
Louise helped me to grow my business, open my mind on strategy and create opportunities. Louise is your best business partner!
Barbara Smyth